RECON 2016: FAQs


Below are a few of the questions we regularly get when we talk to people about RECON S.C. If you have a question we don’t answer below, feel free to send us an email and we’ll get you some more info.

Q: The event sounds cool, but I’m not a military veteran. Can I come anyway?

A: Thanks for the compliment, but because RECON is a veteran-focused event by design, we try to make sure we are actually working with our veterans who need this the most. For that reason, we make sure that the people filling up those seats are exclusively veterans.

Q: This sounds like a job fair. Is it a job fair?

A: Actually, no. RECON takes a different approach to determining a veteran’s next career path—and it’s primarily focused on defining purpose and translating current skills and experience.

Q: What do you mean by “defining purpose”?

A: We believe that each person on this planet has a purpose, and are most happy and fulfilled when they are in environments that support that purpose. So for us, it’s not about filling “a job.”  It’s about determining what makes someone happy and fulfilled at the most basic level, and then building a career off of that.

Q: That sounds interesting, but how can you possibly do that?

A: To begin with, we utilize a highly-predictive assessment provided by SmartWork Network that helps translate what someone is already built for. It helps us start the “translation” process from a military language into a civilian one. Once we walk through that assessment (Day 2 of RECON Conference), we ask each veteran to identify a track they think they most fit in—Entrepreneurship, Education or Career. Through these steps, we help narrow down a decision-making process that can be large and intimidating for a lot of people.

Q: What sorts of topics will RECON touch on?

A: We try to cover a wide group of topics, and especially topics in career development, workforce, education and entrepreneurship. Click through to our agenda for more info.

Q: I want to come, but I can only make it one day. Is that a problem?

A: Absolutely not; we believe you will get a lot out of RECON no matter how long you can attend. But since we have so many out-of-town veterans who attend, we’ve created our Day 2 schedule so that if you can only attend on Friday, you’ll still walk away with everything you need to set your next career steps.

Q: Who is behind RECON?

A: RECON started out of a mission of Business Black Box magazine—a business magazine in Upstate South Carolina. While the magazine operates the conference, the reality is that there are many, many partner organizations and corporate sponsors who help make this happen.

Q: Like who?

A: Check out our event page for a list of corporate sponsors for RECON 2016, as well as some partner organizations who help us make RECON great.

Q: Do you need additional sponsors or partners?

A: We are always willing to talk with groups who are interested in providing services to veterans about working together. Just give us a call.

Q: Why Greenville, South Carolina?

A: Cause it’s great. And it’s home. And also because 400,000 veterans live here, and many more within the Southeast.

Don’t believe us? Check out more info on why we love Greenville.

Q: I’m coming, and I need a hotel.

A: We’re glad to have you. We have a few hotel partners in the area with special rates. Please email us and we’ll send you the info on how to get the best rate.


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Jordana Megonigal
Jordana Megonigal is a journalism professional with 18 years of experience in the field. She is Publisher of ShowCase Publishing and Business Black Box magazine. In the Upstate community, Jordana is a member of the Small Business Council (Greenville Chamber of Commerce), a board member for Compass of Carolina, co-chair of Greenville Women at Work, communications chair of Mission 1:27 (Taylors First Baptist Church), and serves as a Guardian ad Litem. She is also Executive Director of The Bootstrap Engine.