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Collaboration Nation

No one knows that better than Emily Wood, whose brand new business, Health in Hand Juice & Smoothie Bar, may not have happened if...

2016 HR Essentials—Calculators, Scales and Persistance

Chill the champagne and practice Auld Lange Syne—it’s time to prepare for 2016. “Already?” you whine plaintively, your mind full of fourth quarter goals.  Yep....

Negotiating with Investors: Control

The documents that must be negotiated by an entrepreneur with outside investors can be complicated. To many, they appear like a dark labyrinth that...

Alligator Territory

Most business executives can relate to the saying, "When you're up to your neck in alligators, it's easy to forget you're there to drain...


The Buck Stops Here

The Booming Hotel Industry

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