Trailblazers. Our new generation of leaders. Award winners. Game Changers. Meet the many people covered in Business Black Box and learn about what they are doing to grow the Upstate.

Trailblazer: Rich Hagins

An entrepreneur at heart, Richard Hagins became a “start up” after ending a full career in the military. Now widely successful and locally well-known,...

Ron Demonet: Trailblazer

  While many people fill their retirement years with golf, fishing, home improvements, and vacations, Ron Demonet has his sights set in other directions. “Once I...

Trailblazer: Anjali Joseph

Imagine the following scenario: a patient comes into an OR for a routine procedure and all goes well, except they develop an infection after...

NEXT GEN: Jasmine Twitty

“I always said I wouldn’t come back to Greenville after graduation,” says Jasmine Twitty, Associate Judge of the SC Municipality Court. But as the...

A Dollar & Change: The Life of Ed Bell

One dollar. Four quarters. Ten dimes. One hundred, otherwise unusable, copper-colored pennies. One dollar. That is Ed Bell’s annual salary. Only, not precisely. Because only two months...


The Buck Stops Here

The Booming Hotel Industry

NEXT GEN: Jasmine Twitty