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Flight is the most advanced form of everyday transportation we encounter. With the opportunity to cover miles in minutes—while suspended in mid-air—comes an awareness of the risks.

When crews overcome obstacles mid-flight, or in the rare case that a plane crashes, airline personnel go to the black box to discover secrets, missing information, and details to help them solve the mystery of what happened—and to learn for the future.

That’s the mission of Business Black Box. Our magazine’s business stories, connect events, and interactive platform for businesses all exist to cover the inside story, the hidden details that help businesses take off.

News of Upstate and Charleston area business leaders and firms succeeding, failing, merging, hiring, and firing is reported everyday, all over the state. But in business, the real power is not only in hearing the news. It’s about going behind the scenes: discovering, connecting with, and learning from the people that made it happen.

At the heart of every event, every e-blast, every issue, and every documentary, you’ll find a relentless passion for launching South Carolina businesses into flight.

A Business Review with Heart

Everything we do is purposeful, keeping our readers and our partners in mind. In fact, we even make mistakes differently. Sometimes we misspell a name; other times we miss a comma. But rather than mourn the mistakes we’ve made, we’ve decided it’s better to let someone benefit from them. For every proofing error we detect or get called out on, Business Black Box makes a donation to our local literacy organization in honor of our readers. We hate finding errors, but we love being able to use them to give back to our community.

Our Team

You’ll probably see our faces out and about in the Upstate business community, the Charleston business region, and across the state—so next time you’re at an Upstate business networking group or a Charleston business function, look around. Come over and chat, share your story. You’ll also find us participating on blogs and social networks like Facebook and Twitter. And of course, you’re always welcome to connect with us via email!

Geoff Wasserman, CEO

GeoffWassermanGeoff founded Showcase Marketing in 1999, drawing from a 25-year career in marketing and leadership-building. He started Business Black Box in 2008. A native of Montreal, Canada, Geoff has a passion for helping others grow and succeed. Geoff’s career includes seven years of Sports Marketing with the Montreal Expos and Atlanta Braves, as well as seven years as a Managing Director in the financial services industry with two Fortune 500 companies.

Jordana Megonigal, Publisher

JordanaMegonigalJordana Megonigal is a journalism professional with 18 years of experience in the field. She is Publisher of ShowCase Publishing and Business Black Box magazine. With a resume that includes marketing, crisis communication, public relations, customer service and writing, Jordana was recruited to help launch Business Black Box in 2008.

In the Upstate community, Jordana is a member of the Small Business Council (Greenville Chamber of Commerce), a board member for Compass of Carolina, co-chair of Greenville Women at Work, communications chair of Mission 1:27 (Taylors First Baptist Church), and serves as a Guardian ad Litem. She is also Executive Director of The Bootstrap Engine.

Josh Overstreet, Associate Editor

joshJosh is a native of Greenville, SC, and a graduate of Anderson University with a degree in English Literature. Before becoming the associate editor for Business Black Box, he worked as a contributing writer for the magazine and a freelance high school sportswriter. Aside from working for the Upstate’s most dynamic publication, Josh enjoys running, reading, disc golf, Halo, and football.

Donna Beerman, Upstate Market Manager

Donna_Beerman_1890Donna has a diverse background of professional work experiences— from crime victim advocacy, small business ownership, account manager in the publishing and beverage industry, and most recently a distribution manager in the golf apparel business. After graduating from Lander University, Donna moved to Greenville and has called it home ever since.

Our Partners

Our partners are the backbone of what we do. Check them out—they may be equipped to help you grow your own business. In addition, we recognize that just one introduction can lead to a game-changing relationship for a company. If that’s your situation, connect with us and we’d love to arrange a cup of coffee, a cold beer, or lunch between you, us, and them. Learn if there is a mutual opportunity for you to do business and/or make a difference in our community that you could not do apart.

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