2015 Community Impact Award


Human Technologies, Inc: 2015 Community Impact Award

(represented by Herb Dew)

“What goes around, comes around.”

While the saying usually applies on a personal level, you can look at it through the lens of a business—always look to not only be a part of a community, but also look for every opportunity to give back.

It’s exactly what Herb Dew says got Human Technologies, Inc., which specializes in workforce and employment solutions to where it is today.

“When we started, we were just the beneficiary of people giving us time, advice and help,” says Herb Dew, President of HTI, which began in 1999 in Greenville. As the company grew, they realized more and more that without that community around them, he says, they wouldn’t be the success they are today. It’s for this reason that the company is constantly looking for ways to give back in some way to the Upstate and Greenville communities. The company has gone so far as to create a completely voluntary, internal organization—T3 (which stands for Time, Talent and Treasure)—that coordinates all of their volunteer efforts as a company.

“We are being deliberate as an organization in our outreach without the expectation of getting back,” Dew says. “We’re not doing it for the marketing, we’re doing it because it’s what we should do.”

That’s more easily done by ensuring that the company as a whole—and the employees within it—are excited about giving their time and energy, too. This is accomplished in a number of ways—from providing vacation hours equivalent to an employee’s donated hours, to simply ensuring a wide swath of opportunities are available for volunteering.

“We want to be representative of what our employees are interested in,” Dew says, noting that organizations HTI works with are varied, and include Habitat for Humanity, Safe Harbor, Wounded Warriors, Hope Center, Pendleton Place, Meals on Wheels, and the American Heart Association. Of the options, he says, “We want everybody to get involved, but also that they have a place that feels close to them.”

They also like to be where their skill sets in employment services can be of use. One example can be seen in their work with Safe Harbor, a counseling and advocacy shelter for victims of domestic abuse, where HTI employees help women re-enter the workforce by developing resumes and contacts.

While Dew would love to see T3 develop into a foundation capable of fundraising and taking a greater part in giving back to the community that gave them so much, he admits that in the end, he simply wants anyone who interacts, in any way, with HTI to be in some way made better—from employees, to clients, to the community at large. That’s why, for Dew, winning the Community Impact Award is so significant.

“Fastest Growing…Biggest…those are all growth measures,” he says. “When I think ‘Community Impact’ it means that we’re touching people. And so when you think about an award like this, gosh, that makes you feel good that you’re doing the right things to hit that bar.”